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Some Possible Solutions

As with most things in life there is a “right” way and a “wrong” way to deal with situations, and there is no difference with the connundruim that Macdonalds  and the resort committes face.  Typically, again, the “right” way for one party is the “wrong” way for the other, and vice versa.    The secret is to to find a compromise... and that is what we want to achieve, a compromise that both sides can live with - it will not be “right” and it will not  be “wrong” but it will be workable for all stakeholders, and will not seek to destroy what the clubs have built up.  However, there does need to be some basic rules in place and areas of good practice that would need to be followed:
Things Macdonald’s and the Club’s should NOT to do: 1. Do NOT take away the fixed week / fixed unit concept of fractional ownership, that was the basis of timeshare introduced by Frank Chapman in the 1970s. 2. Do NOT force owners into a ‘points’ system that they do not want. 3. Do NOT charge owners an exorbitant exit ‘penalty’ when they want to leave the club. 4. Do NOT take the club real estate and transfer it out of the club’s trustee. 5. Do NOT increase management fees so that they are unrealistic in the holiday market. 6. Do NOT rush into implementing an unsustainable business plan that will destroy clubs 7. Do NOT force or coerce club committee’s to make decisions that harm members. 8. Do NOT seek to control the voting procedure to your own ends, which means not using the block vote of unsold or debtor weeks. 9. Do NOT remove owners from the protection of the applicable law. 10. Do NOT continue to use your owners as ‘cash cows’ to be milked for your own profits.
Responsible things that MRL and the Club’s SHOULD do: 1. Owners SHOULD be able to leave the club at a fair and reasonable exit fee. 2. Owners that have died, become too ill/old to travel or are bankrupt, SHOULD be allowed a ‘free’ exit. 3. Clubs SHOULD be encouraged to reform as Co-operatives; Private Companied Limited by Guarantee. 4. All Deeds of Occupancy SHOULD have a time restraint, removing any notion of ‘perpetuity’. 5. A new brand of ownership, “Short Term Lease”, SHOULD be introduced for 3 and 5 year terms. 6. All management fees SHOULD be reduced to a level that existed at the start of the millenium. 7. Management fees SHOULD be variable to encourage a better spread of guest occupancy throughout the year. 8. No property SHOULD be transferred out of the club, but leased on a medium term basis, so that if a club be wound- up, assets would return to the clubs to be liquidated and the value passed back to the holiday certificate holders 9. There SHOULD be a reduction in the operational year to allow for all planned maintenace to be carried out. 10. The system SHOULD be flexible and allow p/ex of weeks to suit the changing holiday needs of owners.

Exploring Alternative “Ways Forward”