We love our resorts in Spain and in the UK

and we want them to grow and prosper in the future... or we want Justice!

As owners of multiple weeks in just about all of the Macdonald resorts in both Spain and the UK, we are extremely concerned that  the proposals that were presented at the various Special General Meetings of the Clubs over the summer of 2014 were rushed  through before any owner could really understand all of the implications.  This is NOT a Macdonalds Resorts ‘hate’ site, it is a free-standing advice site so that owners can see the other side of the coin to  the one that Macdonalds and the Committees are flipping!    The biggest concerns are that Macdonald Resorts Limited did not explain fully what a ‘YES’ vote meant in terms of the rights of  the owners and that the proposed ‘amended constitution’, was not an amended constitution, but a completely new document that  bore little resemblance to the version that existed before.  Moreover, those members that wanted to leave were being asked to  pay a “King’s Ransom” to escape, clearly a fitting reward for years of support and loyalty! 
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This site is owned and operated by concerned owners at Macdonald Resorts Ltd and is not in any way associated with the company in any regard.  To access the Macdonald Resorts site, please click here.

Exploring Alternative “Ways Forward”

New!Press Releasefrom Macdonald�sLegal Action Group 20/06/2015 27/09/2014
The administrators and supporters of this website originally wanted to  see progressive change at our clubs so that members could continue  enjoying their timeshare holidays as they have for many years, but as  the changes have now been implemented at most of the clubs, we  demand fairness and recompense for those members who feel that  Macdonald Resorts breached their contract and ripped them off!    We continue to support change at the clubs that have not voted for  Macdonald’s changes, but for those that have... ... WE WANT JUSTICE!