We loved our resorts in

Spain and in the UK

and we wanted them to grow and prosper in the future... but now we want Justice!

We   wanted   a   fair   deal   for   all   owners,   Macdonald’s   wanted   to   seize   our   assets   to   feather   their   own   nest   by   taking   apartments   out   of   the   club and   reducing   the   rights   of   owners.      Many   owners   became   increasingly   unhappy   with   the   Macdonald   land-grab   and   the   fact   that   what   they had   bought   had   been   replaced   with   worthless   points.   They   were   even   more   unhappy   that   Macdonald’s   tried   to   force   those   who   did   not   agree to   the   changes   to   pay   a   fortune   to   buy   themselves   out   of   the   new   contract   that   the   owners   did   not   want,   had   not   voted   on   and   which   had been imposed on them against their will. The   matter   is   being   fought   in   the   courts.      If   you   are   also   unhappy   with   how   Macdonald’s   have   behaved   or   what   they   have   imposed   on   you, contact:
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to the Fight fo Justice

The Macdonald Resorts Legal Action Group is formed from members and former memebrs of  clubs that are part of Macdonald Resorts Limited.  The aim is to legally seek compensation  for the loss of their timeshare holidays that was brought about by the changes implemented  by MRL in 2014. Based in Manchester, Athena Solicitors are the legal firm heading the action being mounted by MRLAG.  The lead Solicitor, Stephen Boyd, is a Timeshare industry specialist who has  won many cases aginst rogue operators. TESS was established to provide to consumers with a credible, effective and trustworthy  organisation who were determined to assist them in termination, relinquishment and exits from  unfair timeshare contracts.